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Advanced software made simple
Advanced software made simple

We build software as a collection of independently reusable modular parts. We ruthlessly refactor each part to keep it focused on a single purpose, making it simple.

Advanced software made simple
Prop up

Pie Cloud

Omni-channel retailing system for both in-store and online businesses.


Enhance your staff’s performance, offer exceptional customer satisfaction and increase sales and loyalty.


Have complete stock control and procurement control throughout your network.


Gain total control of your business and focus it in the most profitable direction.


Analyse and understand your business data with one consolidated view of information.

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Prop up

Prop up

Cloud-based property management software for residential and commercial properties.

e Sign

Streamline your lease and contract agreements with our e signature function. Multiple templates and documents available.

Frictionless payments

Automate rent collections and payment management with a fully integrated and automated accounting suite.

Remote management

All aspects of your operations: payments, communication, facility and services management available as mobile and web-based dedicated tenant and property manager logins.

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